20 April 2008

Funny Things Kids Say

Ok, so the kids and I went to pick up Mom from work. She had a few things to finish off, so we were sitting in the car waiting for her. Laura is looking out her window, seeing what there is to see, when she asks "Hey Dad, do you see a blue "A" out there?" I look at the building and see the sign for the entrance to the offices above the mall, and in the word "entrance" was the blue "A" so I said "yes." Laura says "Dad, look, a bird went and built a nest right in the "A", isn't that funny? A bird built it's nest right in the a-hole."

It took everything I had to keep from bursting out laughing. I mananged to keep her innocence intact.

And just in case you're wondering about the validity of this story, here's a cellphone pic of the sign in question. The quality isn't great, but you can just make out a fuzzy little nest in the middle of the, well, you know, that empty spot in the letter....

Up and coming

Scheduled arrival is sometime in August. Just thought people might want to know. We're excited.

06 April 2008

Proud Pappa

Ok, I'm a pretty proud pappa now. I took Erik outside today, the weather was really nice. We took his bike out of the garage. Last fall, we took his training wheels off, and he's been trying it once in a while, but not really sticking to it. He could ride, but can't start on his own. He needs a push. He can brake, but most of the time, when he stops he drops the bike and crys for a bit. He so very much wants to ride, that when it doesn't work out he gets mad, upset, and sad. So I figured all he needed was total immersion.

We got suited up with our helmets, and went out for a ride. I have to give him a push to get started, but then he's pretty good after that. I explained that when we get to a road (we were riding on the sidewalks) you have to stop and walk your bike across. Erik wanted to do it right, so he'd stop about 50 feet from the road and walk to it first, then across, then he'd wait for me to get to the other side so I could give him a push start again. Anyhow, I was kinda feeling out how much he could handle, but he got into it really quick. We ended up riding just over 3.5 kms! Erik did a great job. He still can't start on his own, but he loves riding now. It won't be long before he's riding all on his own. I'd love to take him out on some trails once he's ready. That won't be long either. I'll finally have a riding partner. It's so very cool. I'm one very proud pappa.