29 May 2006


First of all, I need to appologize, it has been far too long since I have posted anything. Second of all, I'm working again. And thirdly, new things are about to start happening. There are somethings that amaze me, such as the way everything seems connected, or the way that just when things start falling into place, appearant chaos inturrupts. Things start to happen, moving in a direction you want, and excitment grows. Then something unexpected happens making you feel like you're not even a pawn in the game, but the fly that gets swatted so that you stop distracting from the game. You start wishing you were a pawn again (which is funny since you have dreamed of being the king), but you're left outside. Then something else happens (much later of course leaving you time to think far too much), and you realize that you have been given the opportunity to enter another game, a game which is much more interesting than the previous game. Of course, this would not be real life if there were not a couple of offeres to enter mediocre games as well. But if we just wait, the new game that is much more interesting will come. The simple fact is that there are far to many games out there to be played.

Ok, enough of the metaphore, I got laid off a couple of weeks ago. When I found out I was getting laid off, I actually almost started laughing, it was an unusual experience. Then the first day after my last day of work, I get called back in. They make an offer, I decline, they increase the offer by almost 50%, and I still decline, because I had made a decision. I stuck by my decision and felt good about it. Then I get offered another job, but it wasn't what I wanted. In a way it was, but it wasn't. So I declined the offer. Now the whole time, I'm not making money, but I am enjoying my first time off in well over a year. In fact I ended up having a total of three weeks off, which ended up being great. It was nice to be able to spend so much time with my family. We had a great time. And then, after everything was said and done, and after I got a job that I am very happy about, things finally can be seen to be falling into place.

So, what is it that I am doing? I am working for a company that designs, builds, and installs custom cabinets and woodwork. Because it is all custom, each job is unique and different. I've only been there a week, but I am enjoying it and learning a lot. I have always wanted to get into woodworking, and now I have my chance. Getting laid off convinced me to take the chance and make this dream happen. I am feeling great about this. Not that this is easy, but this is what I really want to do. The other bonus, the shop that I am working at is less than a kilometre from home, I'm coming home for lunch. It's great being able to have lunch with my family.

So, all in all, life is good, and as I start something new, so is our church. The pastor kicked off a series of sermons on evangelism by explaining that he wants to nip the rumor mill in the bud. If someone hears something about him being over there, or with those people, or "did you know that the pastor is _____?", well, he is. He has decided that he needs to go where the people are. And so he will be going all sorts of places, to build relationships with people, through which he wants to share the gospel. As far as I'm concerned, that's a great example. It's got me thinking of things I've been putting off. It's encouraging me to start getting out more.

So, here's to new beginnings. I'm very interested in seeing where this all goes.

Another new beginning, and this one is totally frivolous. I've started a new hobby. Mostly, it's part of my need to always be learning something new. Partly, it's something that facinates me. I know that it is generally pointless (as in it has no redeeming value, it is non-productive, and there is not much of a chance that I could use this for gain, in fact it will end up costing me more than anything else) but I am willing to pay the price. So what is this frivolous enterprise you ask? Why, it is remote-control gliders of course! Specifically, the hand launch type. Why that specific type? No motors, no fuels, not nearly the cost of motorized, no noise. The challenge of throwing something high enough into the air to start catching some kind of a thermal, then try to keep it up in the air as long a possible. Or, just for the fun of it. To be able to play in three dimensions, mostly to be able to play.

And so, the beginnings continue...

10 May 2006


Ok, for most of you, this won't mean much, some of you may be able to feel some sort of empathy or sympathy. But for me this is huge. I got my guitar yesterday. It was in Estonia at my mother-in-law's place. I figured I'd use the excuse of leaving it there as a reason for needing to buy myself a new guitar. Well, I havn't had the cash for that, and I found someone coming this way that could bring it with them. And it arrived yesterday. I'm so happy. Not that it's a good guitar, or fancy, or unique. But it's mine, and it was so very good to play it again. I'm happy.

06 May 2006

The Big Day

So, today was the day that my sister finally got married. And today was a great day.

They had forcasted rain all day, the morning was a little wet, but there were only scattered clouds when we arrived at the church, and by the time the ceremony was over, there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Our kids were the flower girl and the ring bearer. They did great, walked nice and slow to the front, they sat nice and quiet for the whole ceremony, and they were so very cute as they walked out afterwards, hand in hand.

It was also great to see so many friends and family together again. It was also so very fun to share all the funny stories that have accumulated over the years. You see, my sister and her now husband have been going out for 8 years now, and today was a long time a coming. As my sister said in her speach at the end: "It's great after 8 years to finally introduce you to my husband!" They are very good together, and today really was a celebration of that.

After a very long day, we carried our kids home, got them out of their oh so very cute outfits, into their jammies, and finally into bed. Now we can breathe easier. They didn't cry, they didn't get scared, they didn't run in the church, they were very well behaved, they smiled their cute little smiles for pictures. In all, we had a great time.

For me, it was interesting watching my father, as he gave away his only daughter. This was a very important day for him as well. It's hard to describe, but suffice it to say, that my dad has the ability to be very soft, and very strong at the same time. It's one of the things I admire most in him.

Ok, it's late now, but I will leave you all with this thought...

Ok, it's late now, and I'm tired, and I can't think of anything, so with that, Good Night!

04 May 2006

Practical Theology

So, here we go, an exercise is taking some blisfully wonderful theology, and making it real and practical, that kind of real like the smell of anchovies all over your pillow.

This is what I mean, we can talk about the smell of anchovies, and agree that it is pungent and attention getting and something that definitly leaves a strong imprint on your memory. But until we take the juice from a tin of anchovies and pour it onto our pillow and deal with the smell of it for a large part of our day, we really don't know what we're talking about.

"What is faith? It is the confident assurance that what we hope for is going to happen. It is the evidence of things we cannot yet see." Heb. 11:1

I can say that I have the faith that God has a new job lined up for me, or that God will take care of us, or that everything will work out fine. But until the paycheck is gone, our savings are gone, and we have nothing left to pay rent with, we really don't know what we are talking about. But at the same time, that is what we need to do, have faith. We are to be confident. Not wondering if it's going to happen, but faith means that we are confident. Not foolishly wasting what we have, but still confident. This faith is evidence of what we do not see, that which is going on in the background making sure the plan falls into place.

So what is going on in the background. Is every step predestined? Are we slaves to our fate? Or is the chaos organized by our free will? Or is it something in between? I've wrestled with this one, because we do have free will, but I find myself constantly bumping into God and finding he's been waiting for me to arrive at that point in my life. And while waiting, he was busy getting that point in my life prepared for me when I arrive. Does that negate my free will, or simply show that God loves me and knows what I'm up to, and shows up to help, discipline, or cheer.

Anyhow, as always, following a rabbit trail goes a lot of places without getting much of anywhere. Where was I...

Ah yes, practical theology, time to start smelling the anchovies. I've made some choices, and is God going to help, discipline, or cheer. Maybe He's going to cry? At any rate, I am confident of this, He is here. He has been waiting here for me to arrive at this point in my life, and of this I am certain. And this is evidence of what we do not see. I am more than willing to testify that God has met me there before, and I am certain that He will again.

Just a thought for you all to chew on.

02 May 2006

The life of the unemployed

So, Friday was my last day at work. Nothing new, I even had to stay for an extra hour and a half, not of my doing, but none the less. I enjoyed the weekend as much as I could enjoy some free time. Sunday afternoon was spent having a picnic at the lake with the kids. It was the nicest day yet this spring, and I got my head rightly sunburnt. But alas, what to do when the uppermost is thinning and leaving me uncovered?

On Monday, the fulltime search for employment began. It started with a visit to the brother of a business aquaintence. He took some time from his day and gave me some wonderful advice and information. I have taken his advice and encouragement to heart, and will use it to season my decision making process.

After that I went home for lunch, and then got to some chores around the apartment. And then the phone rang. It was my previous employer, wanted me to come to the office for a discussion.

Well, I went, they offered me my job back, I refused, and I left with this wonderfully good feeling, that I had made the best decision.

And so with that, I have quite certainly fixed one door shut. I cannot go back. I must move in another direction. And so I will, and am, moving in another direction. I have started the search for employment and we will see to where this search leads.

In everything that is happening, of one thing am I certain, that God is ensuring that everything falls into place as per His plans and direction. And so in that will I trust.

Oh, and if you are wondering why the strange language, my wife is watching Pride and Prejudice and I fear the accent and maner of speach present in the 1800's is ever so slightly contagious.