16 January 2011

New Toy

Well, after a fair bit of work, it's finally done! My newest toy:

This is my efforts reporducing an 1959 Fender Deluxe guitar amp. This amp is revered by many as being a "tone machine", and I would agree. My guitar has never sounded so good. I procured the amp in kit form from Trinity Amps along with a Tone Tubby 12" Alnico speaker. The circuit board needed to be populated, all the components soldered into place, and installed into the chassis. The kit was first rate, and that part went fairly fast. Then I needed to build the cabinet. That part was a little more involved because that was my own design. But it went reasonable well. The finish is one that I borrowed from Peter Galbert who writes the Chair Notes Blog.

Here's a few more pics:

06 January 2011

Are you afraid of heights?

Here's a neat little video of a repairman climbing a radio tower. Now here's the thing, I like climbing. I like heights. This made me feel queezy.

I'm serious, I started feeling dizzy. I'd like to say "Sure, lemme at it, I'll do it!" But watching the video, I'm not so sure.