18 June 2007

Finally the solution to Global Warming

Ok, this information is a little old, but for some reason I was thinking about this again today. Maybe it's because I was puttering a little too much today while at work. Dunno, but here's some links on the issue for your parousal:

An essay

An article from National Geographic

An article from Science World (sort of, copied on to findarticles.com)

I never realized that my puttering was so dangerous. Well, I'm sure that my family knows, but I just wasn't listenening before now. Maybe I should start to listen?

Great Moments In Marketing

I'm not sure what they were thinking. I don't know if they have been applauded or fired. I'm not sure if this has brought the company fame or trouble. But somehow, for some reason, this bit of marketing makes me laugh. I laughed out loud when I saw it in the grocery store. It just made me laugh. I won't explain, I'll just post a pic I found to describe the situation:

02 June 2007

Stretching time


So, there was this research report released recently, which makes me feel a lot better about a bad habit I have. I have spent a lot of time camping and doing outdoorsy kinds of things. Inevitably, you end up eating outside, and inevitably you drop something. I have lived by the 5 second rule for a long time, the rule goes that if something has been on the ground for 5 seconds or less it's still ok to eat. I like that rule, mainly because I like food.

Well, some college in Conneticut had some students do some research and lo and behold, they have found that it takes a minimum of 30 seconds for food to become contaminated by bacteria when dropped. So relax, take your time, and pick up that prodigal morsel. It's ok, and after a quick blowing off of the sand/dirt/crap that it landed in, you can chew it up and swallow it down knowing that it is bacteria free. Ahhhhhhh... it's great when bad habit's arn't so bad anymore.