02 June 2007

Stretching time


So, there was this research report released recently, which makes me feel a lot better about a bad habit I have. I have spent a lot of time camping and doing outdoorsy kinds of things. Inevitably, you end up eating outside, and inevitably you drop something. I have lived by the 5 second rule for a long time, the rule goes that if something has been on the ground for 5 seconds or less it's still ok to eat. I like that rule, mainly because I like food.

Well, some college in Conneticut had some students do some research and lo and behold, they have found that it takes a minimum of 30 seconds for food to become contaminated by bacteria when dropped. So relax, take your time, and pick up that prodigal morsel. It's ok, and after a quick blowing off of the sand/dirt/crap that it landed in, you can chew it up and swallow it down knowing that it is bacteria free. Ahhhhhhh... it's great when bad habit's arn't so bad anymore.


Teele Menchaca said...

haaahaaaa but i knew that already!! keep enjoying your food!!!

by the way, I don't know if you or alla have visited my blog page recently but i have pictures and videos up of my precious baby boy.. so if you have time, go check them out! and give my best to alla and the kids of course! :)

skindleshanks said...

Really? I heard on the radio a couple years ago that someone had won funding to study the 5-second rule and found that whether it's 1 second or five minutes, whatever's on the ground is going to be on the food.

One of us ought to get a scholarship to do a Phd on this and settle it once and for all!

On a different note, though, I've been getting into sport and traction kiting lately and for some reason, I always think of you when I go out. If you haven't tried it, you should--it's a great feeling to be fighting for control and grace against the tremendous power of the wind.
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