18 June 2007

Finally the solution to Global Warming

Ok, this information is a little old, but for some reason I was thinking about this again today. Maybe it's because I was puttering a little too much today while at work. Dunno, but here's some links on the issue for your parousal:

An essay

An article from National Geographic

An article from Science World (sort of, copied on to findarticles.com)

I never realized that my puttering was so dangerous. Well, I'm sure that my family knows, but I just wasn't listenening before now. Maybe I should start to listen?

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teele said...

this has nothing to do with what you wrote about... aga mul meeldib see ''married, two kids, happy'' see on nii random, aga samas tõsi ja tore! seda tahtsingi öelda :)