02 May 2006

The life of the unemployed

So, Friday was my last day at work. Nothing new, I even had to stay for an extra hour and a half, not of my doing, but none the less. I enjoyed the weekend as much as I could enjoy some free time. Sunday afternoon was spent having a picnic at the lake with the kids. It was the nicest day yet this spring, and I got my head rightly sunburnt. But alas, what to do when the uppermost is thinning and leaving me uncovered?

On Monday, the fulltime search for employment began. It started with a visit to the brother of a business aquaintence. He took some time from his day and gave me some wonderful advice and information. I have taken his advice and encouragement to heart, and will use it to season my decision making process.

After that I went home for lunch, and then got to some chores around the apartment. And then the phone rang. It was my previous employer, wanted me to come to the office for a discussion.

Well, I went, they offered me my job back, I refused, and I left with this wonderfully good feeling, that I had made the best decision.

And so with that, I have quite certainly fixed one door shut. I cannot go back. I must move in another direction. And so I will, and am, moving in another direction. I have started the search for employment and we will see to where this search leads.

In everything that is happening, of one thing am I certain, that God is ensuring that everything falls into place as per His plans and direction. And so in that will I trust.

Oh, and if you are wondering why the strange language, my wife is watching Pride and Prejudice and I fear the accent and maner of speach present in the 1800's is ever so slightly contagious.

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