23 April 2006

The Wisdom of Children

Erik has come up with another gem, the conversation with Mom went something like this:

Erik walks up to Mom with a booger on his finger, Erik says "I've got a booger." Mom asks "Where did it come from?" Erik says "From my nose." Mom asks "What do they do there?" Erik says "They sing!"


Dawn said...

Awww.. your wife is such a good and fun mom to humour Erik with such great questions. I would have just said, "Ew! Get a kleenex! And don't pick your nose! That's gross!"

Garth said...

Classic kidspeak! We kept a quotebook for Chelsea as she learned to talk and with the verbosity of our youngest Aimee we will soon have to the same. Oh the wisdom from the mouths of babes. BTW - I recently updated my blogs with some pics of the family! Keep in touch bro!