20 April 2006

First steps...

So, here's some news for everyone. If you've been following the posts around here, you know that I've been discontented with my current situation. I don't have my dream job. I've been giving serious thought to moving in a direction that I could start doing what I love to do, and earn a living by it. So today, I get my first kick in the pants to help me start moving. I'm being laid off.

I got the news today, I've got my two weeks notice. So I cannot continue with what I have been doing. If you have something that is reasonably comfortable, that makes change harder. It makes stepping out and taking a risk harder. But here I am being forced to make a change.

I've been thinking about this all day. And I'm sure my supervisor thinks I'm crazy. I just got laid off, and the more I think about it, the more excited I get, the more full of hope I get.

I think that God has been stirring something in me for a while, but while I was listening, I wasn't being obedient. So God arranged for me to get a kick in the ass.

So very shortly begins a new adventure...

And for a touch of comedy: Recently, Erik had to go to the bathroom. As he sat there, finding time to think, though about what was going on. He looks up at mom, and asks, "Mom, does poop come from my butt?" Mom responds that yes it does. Erik thinks a bit more, then asks "Does that mean that there is a hole in my butt?"

Two and a half, and there's no way anyone is getting anything past him.


David said...

i guess the theme of this post is: sh*t happens.

dave, I am thrilled to hear about this new direction. Been there enough to know that while it feels scary and often is, there is hope and usually something exciting around the corner, even if it's only the adventure of faith itself.



Dawn said...

You have hit the nail on the head: even when you aren't happy where you are, if it's mildly comfortable change is all the harder. Good one, I think I'll keep it and regurgitate it if you let me. ;)

I do have a different perspective on your situation. Perhaps, instead of God causing this to happen, He saw it ahead of time and began causing the discontent in your heart so you'd be happy about being laid off rather than depressed or panicked. But then this is just my stupid opinion and I'm far removed from you; unable to see things up close.

Either way, He has things ordered for you, of this I am sure. :)
We believe in you!! Go after your dreams.

Dawn said...

Oh, I forgot to say: Yay! Revelations about holes in the butt! AWSUM!! I love boys.

BTW, are you going to share with us what your dreams are?

Dave said...

Oh yeah, just in case you havn't noticed yet David, but I think there's something wrong with your keyboard. You might want to get that checked out. It seems your keyboard is randomly replacing the letter i with *. I believe the word you were trying to type was shit, but it came out sh*t. But then again, maybe it's because you're not using a PC ;) Those Apples have quirks to them you know.

David said...

f*cking keyboards!


Garth said...

Three things confirmed today: God is still in control, for some reasons kids love what comes out their bums, and Mr. Duchemin still has a sense of humor!

Dave - discontent can mean many things but clearly you are being steered in a new direction. I'll echo our good friend David - blessings as you take another ride!