05 November 2006

Entering a brand new world

So, I've made an important trasistion in my life. I've taken a step forward (ok, some may argue that one), I have regained some control (again, an arguable fact), but one thing remains, there is no returning. I completely wipped any trace of Microsoft from my laptop. No programs, no operating system, nothing made by Microsloth. After doing some research, I have taken the step of installing Linux on our laptop, and not only does it boot faster, but it runs faster, is easier to work with, and easier to live with. So far, I'm enjoying it very much.

For those that have any interest at all, it's a copy of SUSE running SLED 10.1, with a number of additional packages that I have found while browsing repositories here and there. If fact, as I type this I am downloading the souce code in order to compile a simulator for RC gliders.

Anyhow, just thought I'd let you know. If I hade the cash to spare, I'd try a Mac, but I'm poor. So that'll have to wait until I have cash to burn.

Yeah, just thought I'd announce that to the world.

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Garth said...

How's the youth ministry thing going? Haven't heard much of you in blogland as of late - you surviving yet another winter? Anywhoos - take care and hope to hear or read from you soon!!!