18 April 2007

Some cool guitar playing, not by me of course

I came across this video today. Yes, I know it's from youtube.com™, no I do not browse that website just to pass time. I found these videos browsing another time wasting site. Anyhow, this guy is amazing. He does stuff on an acoustic guitar I've never heard before. Until now, the guitarist that had my greatest admiration was Adrian Legg for his innovation and creativity. But his guy is giving chase and starting to compete for the honors in my books. I've got to get some of his music and listen to it more carefully, but until then, follow the link and check it out for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddn4MGaS3N4

And to try something new, I'll try to post the above video directly into this blog:

We'll see if this works, if not you can always just follow the link, or search youtube for Andy McKee and you'll find something cool. My favorite songs so far: Drifting and Rylynn.

Anyhow, enjoy!


Merle said...

mine või poodi plaati otsima

Dave said...

Teeks seda küll kui oleks poes. Mees on nii pop hetkel et plaadid on läbi müüdud.