26 March 2008

News from the world of Classic Rock

I heard some news on the radio today. If you havn't heard, the lead singer for the rock band Boston died last year. Appearantly he had been suffering from severe bouts of depression for most of his life, and it finally got to be too much for him and he committed suicide last year. The band was still very interested in continuing to tour, and so the search for a new lead singer started. Today, they announced who they had hired. They actually hired two people. The first was someone they found on MySpace.Com. Tommy DeCarlo posted a couple of Boston covers that he recorded just for fun. They liked it so much, they gave him a call and started some interviews. I can just imagine, the phone rings and Tommy picks it up: "Hello", and a voice answers "Hi, this is Tom Scholz." "Yeah, right, who is this?" "It's Tom Scholz" "No, for real, who is this." "This is Tom Scholz, and we've heard the covers you did and we'd like you to join the band." "Oh Crap..." (then you hear a thud as he passes out).

Anyhow, the other person they hired? Michael Sweet. If you don't know who that is, he used to be the lead singer for the band Stryper. He's done some solo work on his own for many years now. At a tribute concert for Boston's former singer Brad Delp last summer, Sweet filled in and sand with the band. A clip that I have heard, he actually does Boston justice. I have yet to hear Tommy's version of Boston. I just thought it was interesting that Boston somehow got hooked up with Michael Sweet.

Another interesting tidbit: Can anyone guess where Boston is starting their new tour? New York? Los Angeles? Toronto? Vancouver? London? Nope, they will be kicking off their new tour in Thunder Bay!

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Garth said...

He actually does a great job doing the lead from what I saw on youtube - I'm usually on top of the music world in knowing the latest but you beat me on this scoop - very interesting. Did you ever hear how Mike Knott tried out for lead vox with Velvet Revolver - I have a track that is pretty cool from that tryout. Apparently - they just lost their vocalist - so you never know?!