17 June 2008

Things kids say... one more time...

Ok, so today was Alla's birthday and we went out for supper. The kids wanted to go for Chinese Buffet, so off we went. After the kids got their fill on fries and noodles while we tried a little of everything (well ok, more than a little), we started in on desert. Of the many things you could choose from, one of the things I got (notice the words "one of") was a Nanaimo Bar. Erik looks at it while eating his piece of tiramisu cake, then states "I used to like those." We look at him and ask what he means by "used to" because he normally never says no to anything sweet. He looks at us and says: "I used to like them but not anymore, the sweet smell of milk and cookies came to my nose."

I just about fell off my chair laughing.


david santos said...

I loved this post and this blog.
Happy day

Mike Neame said...

Dave, dude. I liked this blog. I come from 150 kms away from Nanaimo, BC Canada. I live for those sweet morsels.
Even more - Dave please send me an email. mike@neame.ee Would like to get re-acquainted.