06 December 2008

The deed is done

Ok, I know, it's been a very long time without a post. But I finally have something to share.

Alana has been doing very well. We love having her around, what a blessing. Laura and Erik love having Alana around as well, and are learning to be responsible older siblings. But that's not the news.

Ok, here's the news. I am no longer a productive member of society. Yup, this here guy is only for entertainment purposes. I should clarify a bit, add a "re" in front of the "pro" part. Now you might get the joke. Yes, I was the man, took it like a man, and now I'm just an "it", a plaything, a toy. Ahhhhh, the things we do.....

It's going well, the procedure was quick and painless. The recovery has gone surpisingly well. Only one bad stretch that has caused some pain (I was getting out of the minivan... just stepped out and everything got tight... yeah) but other than that it's just been discomfort. But hey, without discomfort, how would we know that we're alive right?


Darron rempel said...

Yes, my wife had me neutered too. You get over being an "it" after awhile.

Dave said...

Hey Darron! How have you been?