25 February 2006

By the way

While you are introduced to my blog, feel free to let me know how you like it. I took one of the templates available and did some customizing, getting rid of aspects I don't need and reformatting the appearance.


Anonymous said...

It's good! I would have chosen a bit lighter colour for the background. Love the sqare foot. You certainly have a thing for designing logos.

Dave said...

Thank you! Simply for the fact that you wish to remain anonymous, I will choose to ignore you advice and stay dark.

The Logo may change, I have a couple of ideas floating around my head. I just lack the skills to accurately render them in the real world.

The nice thing, I'm open to experiment, so the apearance of the blog will change, maybe too often for some.

Thank you for the encouragement.

Dawn said...

I like it. Maybe you could give me some pointers for my blog. Hey? Buddy ol' pal? hehe
I like the dark blue. I feel peaceful and refreshed, as if drinking a glass of water, when I look at it. Cheesy? Sue me then. Ha!

Dave said...

Give me an idea of what you want, ie. find a blog you like, or a webpage, or a colour scheme, or some information, and I'll figure out what it's going to cost ya! ;) Say some good Estonian beers? Or some Estonian chocolate?

I'm sure we could work something out.