25 February 2006

Sprotid on Head! (Sprats are Good!)

Yesterday we went out to the store and we happened to find some sprats. Upon closer inspection, they were being sold under the local importer's label, yet they are from Viru Kalatööstus OÜ. We found the very same sprats we used to buy when we were living in Estonia! We bought some, brought them home, then realized we didn't have any rye bread to have them with. Oh well, good old regular white bread and some sprats. Yum Yum.

Now, most of you will be wondering one of two things, and there's also a good chance that you're thinking both. First, what in the world are sprats? Secondly, why in the world would you want to eat them? To answer the first question, they are small fish, similar to anchovies, but different. Secondly, because they are the taste of home. I grew up with them. My wife grew up with them. They don't taste bad, a little off maybe, but not bad. They are good for you, lots of protein and good healthy fish oils rich in nutrients. But most of all they remind us of home, we grew up with them, and we still enjoy them.

I just realized how ironic this really is, here I sit and I look up from the computer across the room and my gaze falls onto our aquarium. Inside are 6 fish, slightly smaller than the sprats we have enjoyed. Here we are, with our own local supply, and we are overjoyed by having minnows from across the world, shipped to us in a tin, soaking in rapeseed oil and salt.

Now, because our aquarium fish are still smaller than most sprats, we won't be farming the tank. But somehow it struck me as ironic. And yet it is prove positive of the global economy. Then as I sit here I have another thought. Why in the world does our local grocery store stock sprats? Is there actually a large enough market for them here in suburbia? Or did we just enjoy a tin of 6 year old fish that has been dusted off who knows how many times before we happened to spy them sitting there on the top shelf above the chunk light tuna?

Ok, the gears are starting to grind... gotta slow down a bit, the noggin isn't handling such deep thoughts that well yet. Got to get back to shallower waters... ahhhhhhhhh the wading pool.... think happy thoughts..... hmmmmm.... sprats..... oh crap, here we go again.

I have got to get more sleep.


Dawn said...

That is so amazing that you found Estonian sprats in your local grocery in Canada! I can't understand the desire for sprats, but I can understand the need for a taste of home. As little as that taste is, it is kõrge magusam! Don't even think about how long they've been there... I'm sure they were just stocked on the shelves yesterday ;) Isn't there a large population of ex-pat Estonians in the T area? There must be a demand for sprats.

Dave said...

Sure there are in the area, but I just didn't think there was enough in Ajax to warrant stocking some. Any way, now that we've been back for a while, I'm starting to really miss the things we had there. At first I was on a mission to have all the things I couldn't get when we were in Estonia, stuff like Tim Horton's, Harvey's, Pizza Pizza. It's really great to enjoy the things that make Canada the great place it is. But we do miss the things that make Esotnia great.

But does that quench or diminish the need for Tim Horton's? NEVER I say, NEVER! Coffee and a donut still is the best part a Canada! Now I do agree that Starbucks™ or Timothy's™ or some of the other high end coffee chains provide a great cup of joe. But at the same time I will concede that I am a simple man, with simple needs. I also enjoy a cup of regular joe, brewed in a pot. I love a good double double. It's just good stuff, any which way you brew it. As far as I can think, there isn't much that is brewed that I don't like.

Garth said...

Welcome to Blogland Dave! We just rolled in from Red Rock and are back home sweet home! We celebrated with Garth & Tracy and ninety of their friends and family the dedication of their youngest family addition Keirsten (sp?) Good to hear from you and that you are alive and well. Not sure about those sprats - sounds a little suspect to me? Feel free to visit my blogs as well.

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