28 February 2006

Upon joining a community...

And so, I've started a blog.

Since I started this on Friday, I've been spending some time thinking about what I've done. There are a couple of blogs that I've been following, the Two Cent Bin provides various ammounts of amusement, exploreplay and musings of a wandering mind provide the point of view of a college professor with a wandering mind (I wonder if it would help to keep it one a leash?), and lastly Fearfully Human which shares the life and times of a very unique person. I am just beginning the process of blogging, and I have yet much to learn from other bloggers. There are many blogs that I have yet to discover, but I'm sure that there is time for that.

But once more, I find myself thinking, what kind of a blog should I have. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to... cry if I want to... cry if I want to...

OK, I'll admit, I'm losing it. But isn't it my choice if I want my blog to be about my losing it?

The fact is that there are too many choices. I could be real, and expose all the dark corners of my psyche. I could spend all my time discussing current issues. I could make it a sports blog. I could call it my personal experiment and post only hypothetical posts to study how people respond. I could also just summerize my daily existence and see if anyone cares.

Then there's the question of what do I want to get out of having a blog. Now that's the real question. People rarely start something like this for others, they're trying to get something out of it themselves. So what do I need? Encouragement? Knowing that someone is listening (ok I know I don't have any audio files so you can't listen, but you know what I mean)? Do I need an outlet for my emotions, thoughts, energy?

Again, too many questions.

So while I decide what to do, maybe I'll take the bold step and actually ask what you would like to interact with? Is there something that you prefer to avoid?

But then again, I suppose I should still be my own person and make this blog about whatever I want. I've got to be a man, and make my own choices. And so, please stay tuned and watch how this thing develops. And don't worry, the hypothetical use of you all as my personal bunch of lab rats was simply conjecture. Really. It was simply conjecture. Really.

[Subject walks to stage left with a very devious look in his eyes, a slight smirk, and a light step, appearing to hum to himself very contentedly. Stage lights fade to black. The single laptop on the table remains glowing in the silence.]


David said...

Honestly, the only thing I really want to see is one of two possibilities:

(a) You being totally vulnerable about issues no one in the church wants to talk about


(b) Some kind of descent into madness/ trainwreck where there is some guarantee of a high body-count and something I can blog about.



ps - that may be the first time anyone has publicly called me a "truly unique individual" - thanks. I think.

Dave said...

Hehe, thanks David. On the first point, I was already planning on something like that. Once I form my own opinions on a couple of issues (like is it possible to have communion with beer and breadsticks). But more on that later. As to the trainwreck, I'm not sure; as to the madness, very high probability; as to the body-count, I'll keep you in suspense.

We've known each other for what... 15 years now? If there's one thing I've learned about you, it is that you are unique. I don't know anyone else like you, and that's in the best way possible. :)

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