22 August 2006

Soaring up above (somewhat vicariously... but not really)

Here's a link to a short video of me flying.

My plane that is.

Ok, it's radio control, but I'm still flying.

Here it is: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showatt.php?attachmentid=948616

It's just over 7mb, captured with a digital still camera in video mode, so the quality is crap. But you get the idea. I really love this new hobby. Maybe someday I'll find the right words to explain why I love it so much.


Garth said...

Very cool video Dave! I'm impressed! Makes me want one - how much do they cost? Unfortunately my hobby of mtn biking takes most of my extra cash - I just blew out a seal or two on my front fork and I have no idea if it will be under warranty! Anywhoos - good to see some posts again from ya! Take care bro!

Dave said...

Hehe, actually this hobby isn't all that expensive. I got my radio set (Tx, Rx, and servos) for about 140 CAD, and the plane was a kit I ordered online for 90 CAD. So for 230, plus aother 20 or so for miscellaneous building materials, you can get yourself a good start. Personally, I highly recommend this plane as one to start flying with. Very well mannered and easy to fly. It's the DL50 available from www.mountainmodels.com