06 March 2006

Dis- vs. Satisfaction

There's a very interesting discussion going on at fearfullyhuman.com right now. In fact, it started me thinking about quite a few things. I'm scared of getting too involved in it, because I might end up capitalizing David's blog. I got my blog so I could share this kind of stuff without taking over someone elses blog. So here we go, time for the ranting to begin.

There are a lot of issues being discussed, many of which can lead into endless discussions. Some of which are nobel. Some may change a person. Much may not.

Part of the discussion has revolved around being where we are called to be. And if you feel dissatisfied with your current situation that may be a sign that you are not where you need to be. Now if there is one thing that I am for, it is balance and moderation. And so it is with this. I understand the need for satisfaction and fulfillment in what we do. But, if we need to be very careful that we are not basing our need for change on simple frustration or dissatisfaction. Those may be the very sign that we are where we need to be, that we are there to have an effect.

Now here comes the fun part. There are times that we are called to leave. And there are times we are called to stay. But what if you don't know which is being offered to you? I have wrestled with both, I am wrestling with both. I know that I am where I need to be, but I also know that I where I am is not where I am meant to be. It gets confusing. There's the dissatisfaction with status quo, and the satisfaction of knowing I am in my place. There's the frustration of the fascade that permeates our culture, and the joy of Tim Horton's.

What's going through your mind as you read this?

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