08 March 2006

Fearfully Human: The Thing About Hope

Here's a comment of mine from a friend's blog:

Fearfully Human: The Thing About Hope: "I find it very interesting, that scripture says: 'These three remain: faith, hope, and love; but the greatest of these is love.' This precedes a homily about love. Faith is spoken of over and over (in my opinion, the best and most succinct being heb.11:1). But what about hope? How much is hope espounded? I feel that hope is a very misunderstood aspect of faith.
There was one of those old WWII war movies, can't remember which one, but the situation was this: american officer in German POW camp, walks up to German officer and askes 'When can we hope to be released?' to which the German officer responds 'Why, you can hope any time you wish!'
Now here's the dilema, do I really agree with that or not. Hope should never die. But is it that simple that hope is up to us?"

This has been a thought of mine for quite some time. Is hope up to us? Is it really something we decide to? Or is Hope something that springs eternal from within by the power of the Most High?

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Garth said...

I think we separate love, faith & hope too easily - maybe at the fault of 1 Corinthians 13 but I believe that they are inexplicably bound together. I'm not sure I could love without faith or hope? I'm not sure I could stay married or maintain any friendship with one of the three missing. Not sure that answers your query but hey it's out there and we are in dialogue!